BioEnergy Inc. is working to create innovative solutions for emission and waste reduction, while developing biomass opportunities in the renewable energy and green products sectors.

Located in Nova Scotia, Canada, BioEnergy Inc. is a producer, marketer and exporter of renewable energy products, technology and expertise. BioEnergy Inc. is creating alternatives to fossil fuel consumption, which will reduce GHG emissions, reduce air pollution, reduce fuel costs and encourage more responsible management of renewable resources.

BioEnergy Inc. is working towards the design, construction, commissioning of mobile biomass densification and test piloting of a torrefaction plus green carbon activation process.

BioEnergy Inc. to demonstrate Mobile Biomass Densification System throughout Nova Scotia!

Come to one of BioEnergy Inc.'s Pellet Demonstration Field Days! On display will be BioEnergy's Mobile Biomass Densification System, a cost-effective method for producing pellets from all types of biomass, including; grass, hay, agri-waste, hardwood and softwood. There will be three demonstrations across Nova Scotia:

Download the brochure here: Pellet Demonstration Field Days Brochure .pdf