BioEnergy Inc. is a producer, marketer and exporter of biomass-based activated carbon and biochar products, technology and expertise

Located in Nova Scotia, Canada, BioEnergy Inc. has developed wood-based activated carbon and biochar products for use in contaminant removal and/or soil enhancement. These wood-based activated carbons target and remove heavy metals such as mercury, lead and iron, polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) and pesticides from liquids or gases in your process, be it waste water, drinking water, food processing, brewing, flue gas treatment and so on. 

Third-party testing in a variety of applications has shown that our carbons are able to perform as well as or better than many of the most common activated carbon, over 90% of which is sourced from coal. In addition, other products are made using harsh chemical processing, such as acid washing, even those that come from green feedstock, such as coconut shell.

Contrast that with our processing technology that is tailored for the biomass from which we make our carbons, using absolutely no harsh chemical solvents or treatments. By focusing on the biological and chemical makeup of the biomass and tailoring the technology to that, we are able to keep things simple. This removes a lot of cost and complications for us, which we happily use to benefit our customers. Our product is truly green and renewable in every sense, from the feedstock we use, to the way we process it, to its end use. 

BioEnergy Inc. is seeking demand-side partners

In partnership with Cape Breton University, we are continuing to develop and test our products and are always finding new capabilities. We feel we have only just begun to unlock its potential, and are looking for potential clients who use activated carbon products to partner with us to find out how beneficial our truly sustainable product can be for them.

Quality Equipment For Sale

As part of our renewed focus on the activated carbon market, we have several pieces of quality, lightly used equipment for sale, including:

We are also selling 20 acres of land and buildings located in Baddeck, Nova Scotia on the Trans-Canada Highway. If you're interested in any of the items listed, please contact Ryan Duff, Business Development Manager, at (902) 217-0858 for prices and details. 


We ask that you excuse us while we update our website to reflect what we've been up to for the past while, refining our focus and developing our products. Please check back frequently for new information, and we would love it if you would give Ryan Duff, our Business Development Manager a call at (902) 217-0858 to discuss any and all questions or suggestions you may have. Thanks!